Vader’s Chamber

Tapten® Club Recommendation

Empire Strikes Back 40th anniversary is still giving us amazing pictures, posters, never-seen footage and and amazing fandom vibes! Funko joins this celebration with a set of new and incredible ESB figures. This Vader’s chamber is a beautiful homage to the character and the movie. Seeing Vader as a human in and amazing and polished design! Don’t let the chamber deceive you, the helmet is also included!

Our Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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  1. I really feel this funko of Darth Vader it’s interesting about the design of the chamber, it looks like a Salvador Dalí geometric pictures, I think Darth Vader it’s one of the most popular pop icons in the hole movies culture, and sometimes it’s good to have something special more than the classic figure, well, Star Wars have been influenced by the toy industry since the beginning, and today I really enjoy the camp culture around this.


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