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About Us:

Hi! We’re the Tapten Club! We are a group of friends passionate about comics, collectibles and geek culture. We understand the power of fandoms and we want to give the opportunity of a new place where anyone can find recommendations and opinions of the things we love the most. Comics and collectibles!

Our website works as a Word of Mouth Engine where every recommendation and opinion affects the rankings of our posting.

In the Tap of Mind you will find recommendations and top ten lists of our favorite comics and figures. Find the newest products, but also the classic stuff. Additionally you will have an easy way to access these products for purchase. Quick and easy! As we like it!
You can participate and interact with our recommendations and rankings, nourishing the Word of Mouth Engine and become an important part of our amazing Tapten® Club community!
Register by commenting and share your opinion with us. Make this community an amazing and fun place to discuss the things we love!